Adult Sunday School Classes – Fall 2018

All Classes begin at 9:40 a.m.

A Walk Through Israel – Then and Now

  • A look at the history of Israel and the Jewish people, How Jesus, as Jewish Messiah, fulfills Old Testament prophesy and symbolism, and what this means to us today.

  • With Carol Sample

  • Location:  Beard Hall


Eyewitnesses from the Inner Circle

  • An Introduction to Ben Witherington’s book “What Have They Done With Jesus” A creative response to bad history and strange modern theories about the “historical Jesus”.

  • With Bill Brafford and Search Ministries

  • Location:  Younts Parlor (A&B)


The Mary Alice Ranson Class

  • Using the ARP Adult Quarterly SS curriculum, a study of Esther, Daniel, and 1st and 2nd Chronicles focusing on the Faithfulness of God and His People

  • With Linda Simpson, Dan Whitesides, and Bill Ralson

  • Location: Younts Parlor (C )


Mastering the Sermon Text

  • An inductive bible study focusing on the scriptural passage for each week’s sermon.

  • With Trevor Smith

  • Location: Room 122 at the end of the hall