Online Giving


At Westminster we teach the biblical principle of tithing – returning 10% of our income to the work of the church.  It is not, however, a condition of membership because Scripture does not teach that!  However, we believe the Bible is clear that starting by returning our tithes is the first principle in sound money management for believers.  To do less is to mistrust God’s good provision for all our needs.  


Capital Campaign

Westminster has run two very successful capital campaigns in the last ten years, raising in excess of $4,000,000 dollars to build our new Beard Hall addition and renovate our sanctuary and do remedial work due to water coming into the building.  When all the work is finished we anticipate carrying a mortgage debt of roughly $1.5 million.  While we are not fond of carrying debt we also believe there is something right about letting those who will join Westminster after the project is finished (and were not here during the Capital Campaign itself) to have an opportunity to retire this debt while enjoying our updated facility.